The BTS System is the easiest way to learn and/or to improve your golf swing while practicing at home or at the driving range.

Compare your swing to the top players and follow the drills that will make you swing just like them.

Easily compare your swing to the swings of the top players

Center line swings
Center line swings

Whether you want to swing like Tiger, Rory or JT…simply follow the drills included in the BTS Program and you will immediately begin to see a transformation in your swing.

We have devised a program that pinpoints the positions of each of the top players over our patented BTS Training mat so that you can start swinging exactly like them by practicing the same positions and movements yourself over the BTS mat.

Foldable BTS Training Mat

Foldable BTS Training Mat that you can take anywhere

Easily access videos

Easily access videos from your phone or tablet

The BTS System

The BTS System is for players of all levels, right or left handed

Designed by BTS Founder

Designed by BTS Founder, National Long Drive Champion and 3-time Teacher of the year

Developed by a PGA Professional and Golf Instructor with over 40 years of teaching experience, the BTS System will allow you to learn faster and get immediate results

Did you know that 70 percent of swing problems are in the set up alone. With the BTS system you learn the proper set up and ball position for all clubs, greatly increasing your chances for a good shot.

Learn to fix slices, hooks, topped shots, fat shots, gain more distance and much more more.

Great for parents trying to teach their kids how to play golf. Fun and visually attractive BTS Training Mat design appeals to kids of all ages.

Practice better play better

Get started with your BTS Program today and have more fun playing golf that you can ever imagine.

Join the thousands who have enjoyed the benefits of using the BTS Training System

Join the thousands who have enjoyed the benefits of
using the BTS Training System

Success Stories & Testimonials

Golfers of all ages & skill levels have seen amazing results with our revolutionary BTS golf mat and complete training system. Here is just a sample of what our users are saying about BTS:

Carl, Philadelphia, PA

“The BTS Mat and the online and home training have changed my game”

Steve, Landsdale, PA

“I finally understand my golf swing which makes me more consistent”

More BTS Golf Success Stories:

Dr. Pierre, Age 60
Typical score in 2018 before using BTS: 95 -105
June 2019 – first 9 holes of the season – score 38 for 9 holes…Pierre had never broken 90 before.

Dr. Lee, Age 67
Typical score 81-85
March 2019 – Florida Villages – score 72 for 18 holes…Lee had never shot even par before.

Jean, Age 63 – Beginner Golfer
June 2019 – best score to date 42 for 9 holes…Jean had never broken 50 for 9 holes.

Christine, Age 62 – 1st year player
Started BTS Spring 2019 at home in garage
June 2019 – best score to date 87 for 18 holes.

Beginner golfer Carla from Wisconsin has been on the BTS System for just 2 weeks. Shot 48 for nine holes.

Husband Jim also on BTS for 2 weeks made 10 pars and a birdie on the difficult 15th at Bay Hill.

Incredible results in such a short time!

Beginner Golfer
1st year player


Open the flood gates to your potential!

Stop wasting time with confusing and unnecessary information that yields little to no results.

Try the revolutionary BTS complete training program TODAY !!

Open the flood gates to your potential!