BTS Golf Quantified Clubfitting Process

Unlike the typical “trial and error” process used in large surface golf stores and with many “off the shelf” selling, BTS Golf is the only company that has designed¬† a quantified system that measures the exact angles and dimensions of each player for a unique and “absolute custom clubfitting solution”.


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BTS stands for “Body Type Specific”. Since every player is different, every clubfitting should be different.

Did you know that some Tour players have their clubs bent as much as 7 degrees?

Major companies and large surface stores will tell you they can bend clubs for you by one or two degrees at the most which makes their clubfitting approach illegitimate. The length of your arms, slope of the shoulders, height of the body, Slope of the shoulders are all factors that affect how your shaft angle will change from the address position to the impact position. This is critical for optimum performance and consistency.

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