Are you tired of :

  • lack of distance
  • not hitting greens in regulation
  • frustrating shots that go nowhere

Do you want :

  • more consistency
  • hit the ball closer to the hole
  • hit crisp iron shots
  • shoot lower scores.
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My unique BTS training system will have you do just that in only minutes per day !

Follow the same practice techniques that the top players follow and watch your scores go way down!

  • Designed by a 40+ year member of the PGA and 3-time Teacher of the Year
  • Easy to follow videos
  • Home or driving range training
  • For players of all levels including pros

As a 40+ year member of the PGA and having played and won multiple professional tournaments, I know a thing or two about what it takes to shoot low scores.

In order to help you improve your own game, I have devised a UNIQUE program you can follow at home or on the driving range that will impact your ball striking immediately.

Once you start watching my easy to follow videos, you will BE AMAZED HOW SIMPLE THE GOLF SWING BECOMES. You will start to see an improvement right away and your confidence level will soar because you will know where the ball will go every time.

  • Proven results
  • Easy to use
  • Immediate improvement
  • Tested method
  • Pro-like consistency
  • Improved distance and control

Carl, Philadelphia, PA

“The BTS Mat and the online and home training have changed my game”

Steve, Landsdale, PA

“I finally understand my golf swing which makes me more consistent”

Foldable BTS Training Mat that you can take anywhere

Easily access videos from your phone or tablet

The BTS System is for players of all levels, right or left handed

Designed by BTS Founder, National Long Drive Champion and 3-time Teacher of the year

Designed by renown instructor Mike Dagenais. “I have spent my life teaching golf and I have played and practiced with some of the best ball strikers ever, including my good and lifelong friend Moe Norman”.

As part of my BTS System, I have devised a series of drills that you can do in the comfort of your own home without the use of a golf club. I call these “ball drills”. These fun drills allow you to self-check your own movements and positions during the drills. This ensures you are doing the drills correctly.

The more you can “hit the numbers” on the BTS mat, the better your ball striking will be.

Are you trying to fix your slice or stop that dreaded hook that gets you in trouble off the tee. How about hitting mid to long irons better, wouldn’t that be nice ? My system will correct any ball striking issue you may have in no time.

Start training like the really good players do, not with quick fixes and gimmicks. You’ll be amazed how easy it is and how quickly you will start seeing results in your ball striking.

Practice better play better

Get started with your BTS Program today and have more fun playing golf that you can ever imagine.

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Success Stories & Testimonials

Golfers of all ages & skill levels have seen amazing results with our revolutionary BTS golf mat and complete training system. Here is just a sample of what our users are saying about BTS:

More BTS Golf Success Stories:

Dr. Pierre, Age 60
Typical score in 2018 before using BTS: 95 -105
June 2019 – first 9 holes of the season – score 38 for 9 holes…Pierre had never broken 90 before.

Dr. Lee, Age 67
Typical score 81-85
March 2019 – Florida Villages – score 72 for 18 holes…Lee had never shot even par before.

Jean, Age 63 – Beginner Golfer
June 2019 – best score to date 42 for 9 holes…Jean had never broken 50 for 9 holes.

Christine, Age 62 – 1st year player
Started BTS Spring 2019 at home in garage
June 2019 – best score to date 87 for 18 holes.

Beginner golfer Carla from Wisconsin has been on the BTS System for just 2 weeks. Shot 48 for nine holes.

Husband Jim also on BTS for 2 weeks made 10 pars and a birdie on the difficult 15th at Bay Hill.

Incredible results in such a short time!


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