After winning the National Long Drive Championship in Canada in 1986 with club head speeds nearing 140 mph, Mike was approached by legendary ball striker Moe Norman who asked Mike if he could show him how to hit the ball far in exchange for Moe teaching Mike how to hit the ball straight.

It was from that moment that Mike and Moe entered into a life long friendship and long hours of practicing and playing together, discussing golf and golf swings from morning til night. Because of this incredible learning opportunity, Mike was able not only to ask questions but also to see and hear first hand what one of the best ball strikers in the world felt and experienced during the golf swing.

​Moe willingly shared some of his best kept secrets with Mike in exchange for Mike showing and teaching Moe how to hit the ball farther. Mike was able to get Moe to increase his distance from 255 yards to 280 yards plus plus by explaining to Moe certain principles that he himself felt and did to generate 140 mph club head speed.

​This exchange of knowledge helped Mike throughout his teaching career. That, combined with the research and study that Mike conducted in later years, Mike was able to identify the KEY POINTS that make any great golf swing work so efficiently.

Mike now shares these KEYS with you in the BTS System.