Fixing a slice is actually quite simple.

A slice occurs when the clubface is open in relation to the path on which it travels at the moment of impact.

An open clubface means the toe of the club is further away from the target than the heel of the club at the moment of impact.

The path is the direction the clubhead is traveling as it hits the ball.

In order to fix your slice you will have to rectify your clubhead path and your clubface alignment at impact. To do this I have designed a couple of drills using the BTS mat that will fix your slicing problem very quickly.

Since the club is attached to your hands while swinging, the trick is to fix your hand path and automatically your clubhead path will be fixed as well.

The proper hand path will see the hands travel over number 7 on the BTS mat towards number 11 and eventually towards number 15 as you move into the follow through. 2 simple drills that you can do for 5 minutes at home will fix this problem.

As far as clubface alignment is concerned, you must learn to release the clubhead in such a way that it rotates through the release zone between numbers 6 and 10 on the BTS mat. It’s really that simple !

with just a few drills your slice will be gone and in doing so your distance will increase right away because you will be delivering the club more efficiently on the ball creating better and a more square contact.