The driver, the easiest club in the bag…should be !

After winning the National Long Drive Championship in Canada in 1986 with club head speeds nearing 140 mph, hitting the driver for me was always easy.

For a lot of golfers however, the driver seems to be the club that gives them the most headaches. There is really no reason for this club not be the easiest club in your bag and here is why;

The driver has the largest head of all your clubs so you can’t miss the ball, it has the largest sweetspot of all your clubs and you always play it from a level lie on short grass plus the ball is in the air on a tee, it doesn’t get any easier than this right?

For some reason the driver is an issue for many golfers. The most common complaint is the slice with the driver. The next complaint is lack of distance and the third complaint is lack of consistency, some good some bad and some awful.

To hit the driver well you must have the proper angle of approach into the ball if you want to launch the ball at a proper angle to maximize flight and distance. Your body type and body height as well as the length of your arms are factors that affect you angle of approach into the ball. Most slicers come into the ball too steep and most hookers come into the ball too shallow.

Knowing which number on the BTS mat to move the shoulders on the backswing is the key to setting the proper angle of approach into the ball. Is it number 4, 5 or 6. Every player is different and this is when BTS (body type specific) knowledge is important.

With only a couple drills you can do at home without a club over the BTS mat I can give you the exact angle of approach into the ball to see your drives go so much further and straighter than ever before. It’s really that easy.

Between getting the right angle and learning to release the driver properly it becomes quite simple and a lot of fun to hit the driver long and straight.

Like I said, easiest club in your bag once you know what to do.