Hitting hybrids

Hybrids seem to give some players problems when in fact hitting these clubs is so easy it’s almost cheating.

Back in the day, a 220 yard shots required a long iron shot usually a 3 or 4 iron that was so hard to hit correctly because of the little margin for error there was in earlier designs.

Now we have hybrids, a modified fairway wood made smaller and shorter in length that everyone can handle and play with except those who still haven’t been able to figure out hybrids. To play hybrids well you need a couple of things; first you need a hybrid that fits you properly because like fairway woods hybrids are usually hit from the ground and not from a tee.

Hybrids initially were designed to be draw biased which made it difficult for the stronger player to use because that player would hook the hybrids. Now hybrids are more neutral in design and make for a real easy club to hit if you know what to do.

Second thing you need is to know where to position the ball in your stance to get the maximum out the design of the club which should give you plenty of height and distance. The hybrid shot requires a descending angle of approach into the ball, one that is not quite as steep as let’s say a short iron but also not as shallow as a fairway wood either.

Practicing on the BTS mat and experimenting with which number on the mat to work with for your angle of approach will be key to getting the best result. Again your body type dictates much of what that number should be. So ball position, based on the lines on the BTS mat are critically important and angle of approach into the ball for proper contact and launch at the same time.

Simple drills and practice sessions on the BTS mat will make you a consistent ball striker with hybrids and will help a great deal with those longer shots into the greens.