Irons are the key to scoring

Why do I say irons are the key to scoring ?

Because every good player I have ever played with in tournaments that shot low to mid-60’s scores including myself have hit the ball close to the hole that day. Hitting the ball close to the hole gives you shorter putts and more real chances at birdie. Putting from 45 and 50 feet all the time may give you two-putt pars but few birdies.

Of course the driver is highly important in setting up the hole for a good iron shot to the green, but a good iron player can always get the ball on the green if he/she has a swing at the ball and a decent lie. All players on the PGA Tour are good iron players, they are not all good drivers of the ball but they are all good iron players.

To hit irons well and close to the hole you need a repeatable and dependable shot pattern. What we call in pro golf, a “go-to- shot”. This is the shot you know will fly a certain way every time and you know how far it will go every time. This is how you can aim at flags and go for tight pins in the corners of the green.

To achieve a repeatable shot pattern, you need a repeating swing. One you can trust. This takes repetitions but not just beating balls on the range, you need proper repetitions. Like my friend Moe Norman used to tell me “more of the same”. The only way you can achieve this repetitiveness is by training your hands, arms and body to make the same moves and attain the same positions over the BTS mat on every rep.

Practicing properly with a guide such as the BTS mat will yield results and consistency faster than any number of golf balls you can hit on the driving range. This is true because indoor training on the BTS mat keeps your focus on the motion and the body rather than on the result. Once you control the motion you control the result.

A few simple drills have been put together for you to achieve repetitive results in a very short time. You will hit more greens in regulation and you will find yourself aiming at flags a lot more often which will lead to lower scores.